Did you know that it was illegal to take a picture of yourself at a Michigan polling station or your ballot?

There has been a ban on taking a picture of your completed ballot since 1891 in Michigan.  Why there was such a ban it was not explained and I do not know.

The AP is reporting that Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has recently settled a 2016 lawsuit that challenged that ban on so-called ballot selfies.  A Kalamazoo voter challenged that ban back in 2016 and the deal he reached with the Secretary of State allows Michigan voters to legally take a picture of their marked voting ballot but they still are not able to legally take a picture of themselves at the polling station.  Once again there was no reason given as to why they cannot take a picture of themselves at the polling station.

The AP reported that back in 2012:

Crookston took a picture of his ballot and posted it on social media. He wasn’t challenged by election officials, but a lawyer warned him that it was illegal and could disqualify his ballot.

Why anyone would want to take a picture of themselves voting or their ballot I do not know but in today’s society people take pictures of the food they are about to eat so why not their ballot.  I would be concerned about taking a picture of my completed ballot in today’s environment when there is so much animosity around politics.  I would be worried for that person's safety if they dared to vote for a Republican.

Good luck!

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