What sad song would lead to a person losing control of themselves at this level?

Police responded to a very strange call in Troy, Michigan on Monday, September 27th.  Actually, two very strange calls.  The first call came from the Paradise Fruit Market.  They were asking for help from law enforcement because a customer was very angry about the sad song playing over the speakers and yelled aggressively at store employees.  The second call came from the customer who was calling to complain about how the store wouldn't turn the sad song off.  Things escalated quickly when the Troy Police officers arrived.

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When the police attempting to have a conversation with the 45-year-old Sterling Heights woman, she told the police they were lying and took off according to the Macomb Daily,

As she made a U-turn, two officers positioned their patrol cars to block her in, and while she drove around the first officer’s car, the second officer repositioned his vehicle with the help of the first officer and the woman was arrested.

In summary, a woman was grocery shopping when an unknown sad song came on the overhead speakers.  The customer asked employees to turn it off.  When they said that they couldn't, she completely lost it and began yelling.  When the police arrived she tried to escape, almost hitting them with her car.  She was booked for hindering and obstructing a police officer at the Troy jail.

But wait, there's more.  Later she walked into the police department screaming and yelling at the person working at the front desk of the police station.  She was then arrested again.  This time the charge was disorderly conduct.

Can someone please tell us what song was playing at the Paradise Fruit Market in Troy?

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