An Allen Park woman was scammed in a crazy way while using the LetGo app.

The LetGo app is a very popular way to buy, sell and trade things locally.  It's supposed to be a safer form of craigslist.

The Allen Park woman began chatting with an 18-year-old that had an iPhone XR for sale according to,

They agreed on a price of $450 and planned to meet on the afternoon of Aug. 20 on Allen Pointe Drive. The victim and her husband arrived at the scheduled time and as they pulled up the seller walked out of a locked building and met them approximately halfway to their vehicle.  The victim and her husband gave the woman the agreed-upon money and she gave them what was supposed to be the phone, which was in a box. The victim said there was plastic wrap around the iPhone XR box, which seemed suspicious.

After they exchanged the money and "phone" the seller ran back into the locked building.  The buyer was left with an iPhone box that contained 2 bars of soap.

But wait, it gets better.  After the incident the soap seller posted a video on facebook bragging about how she just committed fraud.  She went as far as thanking the victim in the video.

Oddly enough, there's no word on if the crook was arrested.

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