Michigan's Democrat State Board of Education President John Austin is very angry at a Republican.

Surprise, surprise!

He believes this Republican "sabotaged" the proposed guidelines to let transgender students use whatever bathroom or locker rooms they choose.

Which Republican?  Ron Weiser, former chairman of Michigan Republican Party, the husband of a Republican State Education board member Eileen Weiser.

How did we find this out?  Certainly not from Mr. Austin being interviewed by someone who might ask him a question he does not want to address?

No, we found out from the Daily Caller news site filing a Freedom of Information Act, requesting the release of 46 pages of his emails.

The Detroit News is reporting on this release of emails, and in their article we see an email John Austin wrote which stated the following:

“It is important to know that there are folks purposely fanning the right-wing tea-party activists and their fears of gays and transgender people, we learned that Ron Weiser, Eileen’s husband, was personally calling all of the Republican legislators, saying if they did not put out a statement opposing this guidance, their money would be cut off.”

Well once again, we see someone on the left not addressing what people’s real concerns about a certain policy are.   Mr. Austin is doing exactly what he is accusing Mr. Weiser of doing, and that is fanning the left wing progressive liberals and their fear of confronting the issues of their policies.

People against the State Board of Educations proposed guidelines do not fear gay or transgender people, they fear for the safety of their wives and daughters when perverted men or male teenagers will take advantage of their guidelines, and use the women’s bathrooms and lockers to prey on their children and wives.  Also, the fact that one of those proposed guidelines stated that the school must hide from the parents the fact that their child has told the state, through their school, that they have chosen to be considered a different gender than what is on their birth certificate and be known as the opposite sex. As well, they have chosen to be addressed by a different pronoun and name then they have on their birth certificate.

Tell the people concerned about this guideline why it is ok for the State to not inform the parents of a child on such a life changing decision.

Tell the people who are concerned about this guideline how you intend to protect our wives and daughter’s from males who intended to use this cover to spy or possibly do harm to our wives and daughters.

Are these not reasonable requests?

Ron Weiser told the Detroit News that “I didn’t call any lawmakers, I have never in any circumstances threatened any lawmaker with money. It’s John Austin, he made it up.”

Why Mr. Austin chooses not to address the real issue with their proposed guidelines I can only guess.  My guess is that the real issue good intentioned people have with the proposed guidelines is too difficult to get around, or he has no good way of addressing their concern.

All anyone who opposes the guidelines is looking for is someone to address their concerns in a way which will ease their fear.

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