How did this revolting, disgusting, vile flavor land at #1 on Michigan's favorite jelly bean list? What is wrong with you people?

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It's hard to believe, but they are not making this up when they say black licorice is Michigan's favorite flavor of jelly bean. The people at know their stuff when it comes to sweets; they looked at 9 years of sales data and asked more than 10,000 candy fans about most popular flavors to get the results.

Michigan may be famous for its cherries, but the people here prefer their jelly beans to come in black licorice flavor. It seems the Great Lakes State has great taste.

Black licorice also ranked #1 overall in these United States. Here are the Top 10 favorite jelly bean flavors:

  1. Black licorice
  2. Buttered Popcorn
  3. Watermelon
  4. Cherry
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Pear
  7. Orange
  8. Green Apple
  9. Toasted Marshmallow
  10. Blueberry

Source: 9+ years online candy sales data from

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