Governor Whitmer might possibly be the biggest hypocrite that has ever held the office of the Governor of Michigan.  She also showed her hand at how concerned she really is that President Trump will once again win Michigan this Fall.

We all know that there are hypocrites in politics. Some say that is the nature of politics.  Many honest and intelligent people from all sides of the political spectrum, at times must hold their noses and vote for people who have been hypocritical to some extent. That being said, there must be some level of hypocrisy that once crossed, should make it impossible for honest, intelligent people to vote for that candidate.

Governor Whitmer has surpassed that level by miles during the COVID-19 crisis.  Throughout the pandemic, Whitmer frequently went without a mask while she was within 6 feet of people while at the same time she castigated President Trump for not wearing a mask when she thought he should.

Whitmer continued her long and corrupt journey down her yellow brick road of hypocrisy by joining a George Floyd rally in Highland Park on June 4th.  Here she stood and kneeled shoulder to shoulder with people, some wearing masks others not.  The Detroit News reported the following about the rally she attended:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who’s voiced concerns about other demonstrations potentially spreading COVID-19 in recent weeks, participated Thursday in a civil rights march in Highland Park with hundreds of people who did not follow social distancing rules.

Now Whitmer is threatening to block President Trump from holding any campaign rallies in the state of Michigan.  Whitmer was quoted in a Detroit News/AP article stating that if President Trump wanted to come and campaign in Michigan she:

“would think very seriously about” trying to block Trump from hosting a rally there if he wanted to.

She went on to say:

We know that congregating without masks, especially at an indoor facility, is the worst thing to do in the midst of a global pandemic...I just know we have limitations on the number of people that can gather and that we’re taking this seriously.

Remember this is a person who just 3 weeks ago went to a George Floyd rally where she stood and kneeled shoulder to shoulder with 100’s of people some without masks, breaking her own executive order and now she is threatening to possibly ban a Presidential candidate from the opposite party from campaigning in Michigan. 

It appears that Whitmer is very concerned, to say the least.   Even though the polls show Biden leading President Trump in Michigan by a good margin, she must believe that President Trump will once again win Michigan.  She must know something about the accuracy of the polls that others do not.  Now we may know why Michigan Democrat Congresswomen Debbie Dingell stated that we should not believe the polls in Michigan.

Is Whitmer so drunk on the emergency declaration and executive order powers that she believes she can stop a presidential candidate from campaigning in Michigan?  Put aside the fact that she violated her own executive orders when she joined the George Floyd rally.

Is this why Whitmer extended Michigan's state of emergency through July 16?  Is she going to use those powers to deny President Trump the ability to campaign in Michigan while giving cover to Biden who is still hiding in his basement? 

As I wrote in my piece titled “Whitmer Extends State Of Emergency; When Will Michigan Elected Democrats Tell Whitmer They Are Not Useless?”  The State of Emergency declaration gives the governor the ability to take unilateral measures without input from the State House or Senate.

Do you believe that there is any line of hypocrisy that Governor Whitmer will not cross? 

Is there any ethical code she would not break?

Is she the type of person you want leading a lemonade stand let alone a state?

Are people like her the type of person you want leading a lemonade stand let alone our country?

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