In just a little over two-a-half hours, you can drive the family to one of the most unusual footbridges which exists in America.

It is called the Tridge and it links you to all sorts of free family fun in downtown Midland, Michigan.

According to Wikipedia, the tri-walkway structure was built in 1981, at the cost of $732,000, and was constructed using prefabricated wood and concrete. It spans two rivers and marks the beginning of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail. It also links two parks, Chippewassee Park and St. Charles Park and is just 300 feet from the Trilogy Skate park. A seasonal farmers market takes place near the Tridge on Wednesday's and Saturday's, with assorted food trucks on hand.

This summer would be a great time to load the family in the car, take a picturesque drive to Midland, Michigan and have some free family fun.

There’s no need to pack a picnic basket, but don’t forget the hiking boots, inline skates and skateboard!

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