There might be a light at the end of the tunnel of the Shelter in Place order by Governor Whitmer.  Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey informed us all last Friday that he and others in the Senate and House are not likely to extend Whitmer’s emergency declaration powers beyond April 30th.  He did say that there will likely be some restrictions still kept in place though.

During an online discussion with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Shirkey stated:

I don’t see any way for the legislature to agree to continuing the (stay-at-home) order as it exists today, much beyond April 30...I can see a restricted social gathering and interaction executive order for sure.

The Senate Majority Leader went on to state that Michigan should be reopened:

incrementally, systematically, surgically and safely

That process of reopening will be based on research and analysis.

Those of you hungering to go to a restaurant to enjoy some good food and camaraderie might have to wait a bit longer.  Shirkey also stated:

This is just a wild guess here, but I’m thinking we’re six weeks away from even contemplating opening restaurants...It wouldn’t surprise me that we require people to go in and out with a mask on and they only take them off when they’re eating.

Masks, that should make for some interesting dating opportunities.

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