Warning: graphic content. This photo may give you a sick feeling in your stomach if you grew up shooting the duck and trying to screw up your courage to ask someone to the flashlight skate at Midway Roller Rink.

Photo: Lori Jarvis
Photo: Lori Jarvis

The beloved roller rink between Battle Creek and Marshall turned off the disco ball for the final time in 2013 and now, demolition has been completed. For 57 years, childhood memories and floor burns were made at Midway Roller Rink, 11448 E. Michigan Ave. in Emmet Township.

It stayed open for a couple of years after Firekeeper's Casino opened across the street before being sold to a local family according to the Marshall Ad-Visor & Chronicle in 2013. Now, the building has been demolished and only a pile of rubble and the smell of rented skates remains.

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