A family in Modesto, California is excited to finally be reunited with their lost dog that ended up in Michigan.

Somehow a family lost their dog during a move from Tennessee to California and it ended up in Bay City, Michigan according to San Francisco CBS Local,

Benny, a stray two-and-a-half-year-old lab/pit mix, was found in Bay County, about 100 miles north of Detroit, on March 22nd, animal control officials said in a statement.

This is usually where we talk about how microchipping saved the day.  Not this time.  The micorchip still had the info of Benny's previous human parents at a military base in Kentucky.  The McAndrew family later found their Benny on the Bay County Animal Control's adoption website.

A very excited Gabby McAndrew will be reunited with her fur baby Tuesday evening.  However, her husband is deployed overseas and won't see the dog again until February of 2020.

You can see this adorable pup in the video below.


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