A couple exciting parties are line up before the piano bar downtown Kalamazoo closes it's doors for 3 months.

Before Matt Giraud killed it on American Idol he was entertaining Kalamazoo from this very spot.  With that said, they're bringing Matt back for a special event according to the Entertainment District,

As the sun sets on Monaco Bay we welcome back five of our classic players to perform together one last time in a very special Monaco Bay Homecoming.

Matt Giraud, Rhonda Hughes, Tim Cutting, Rusty Northrop and Davy Tyson will be the entertainment for this special 2 night event on Friday, December 14th and Saturday December 15th at 7 PM.

Your very final chance to enjoy Monaco Bay will be December 31st for they're New Years Eve Bash.  After that, a re-modelling and re-branding will happen according to WWMT,

The Entertainment District, the company that owns Monaco Bay, hopes to reopen the bar with the new concept between mid-March and the beginning of April.

We're all very curious about what's next for Monaco Bay.  In the meantime, enjoy some Matt Giraud.


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