The other day I was online looking for spooky things around Michigan because we all like a good scare,  when I came across website that keeps a database of UFO sightings around the world.  they actually have the database where you can sort by location.

The website is THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER and you can get updates on sighting, check out the database of sighting and even read about historical sightings.

I decided to check out the database, sorted "by state" just to see how many sighting we have had here in the Mitten state.

To be honest, I do think there’s something else out there and really believed that most, if not all our sightings would be up north around Lake Michigan and further in the U.P.  where it's darker and less populated.  What I didn’t expect were so many sightings here in West Michigan.

Out of the 2,954 sightings of UFOs in West Michigan, We’ve had 7 sightings this year alone here in West Michigan.  (By the way, the 2954 sightings aren't just for this year, it’s since the database started.)

Here are this year’s UFO sightings in West Michigan as posted on


Date / Time       City           State           Shape                 Duration             Summary

9/11/18 15:03   Ada              MI         Rectangle                00:20:00             Big rectangle drone looking object sat in midair about 100 yards away for about 10 minutes then flew up and away into the clouds.

7/17/18 23:30   Walker         MI            Flash                    Seconds             Blinking light sunddenly shot across sky and disappeared. ((anonymous report))

7/11/18 02:30   Grand Rapids              Other                  3 minutes           Large manta-ray shaped UFO frozen on a 45 degree angle with 7 large white pyramid patterned circles on the bottom of the aircraft

4/30/18 22:15   Zeeland      MI             Unknown            5 minutes           Bright light low in the northern sky flashed and disappeared.

4/7/18 01:00     Allegan       MI            Triangle               15 seconds         Triangular light formation moved across sky very fast with no sound. 2 people saw it without pointing out to each other.

2/28/18 20:00   Grand Rapids    MI       Oval                  Instant            Egg-shaped light shot from clouds to ground.

1/13/18 22:00   Grand Rapids    MI         Circle    3 minutes        Saw 5 reddish/orange objects to the east. 2 danced with each other, too close to each other to be planes. ((anonymous report))


It’s interesting, when I first came across this site, I was expecting to find most of the sightings to be from the U.P., but instead, it seems a lot more (of the reported sightings anyway) are from the Detroit metro area.  It also makes me wonder how many of these new sightings around highly populated areas are really just amateur drones flying around.  I saw a few drones last year during ArtPrize and at first, they are a bit startling with their hovering and blinking lights.

BTW, I don’t think they’re all drones; as I said, I believe there could be something else out there.

Have you seen a UFO? Where, what happened??


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