A multi agency crackdown on Drugged Driving took place along U.S.-131 in Three Rivers on Saturday, April 20th. The effort involved the Three Rivers Police Department, St. Joseph County Sheriff's Office and Michigan State Police - South West Enforcement Team specifically targeted "Drugged Driving" along U.S.-131 in St. Joseph County.

Officers conducted 49 traffic stops, issued 36 citations, arrested 7 suspects, recovery of 1 stolen vehicle and had 4 K-9 deployments.

Arrests included possession of methamphetamine, illegally carrying of concealed weapons, operating while under the influence of drugs, outstanding warrants and other offenses.

Officers were able to recover a large amount of methamphetamine, suboxone, oxycodone, open alcohol  containers, illegal handguns and a stolen vehicle. Officers also seized marijuana as evidence for driving under the influence marijuana.

4 20 is used to refer to marijuana and the act of smoking marijuana. April 20th (4/20), considered as an occasion for smoking or celebrating the smoking of marijuana.

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