If you love burgers and live in Kalamazoo you might want to read this.

Last August we did a poll about this subject.  We asked you who has the best burgers in Kalamazoo county.  Over 3,000 of you voted.  There was one burger joint that landed in the top 5 very close to my house that I've been meaning to try.

I finally stopped by The Burger Bros. on Riverview Drive in Kalamazoo last Saturday Night.  I was not expecting to love my dinner that much.  I went back 2 more times that same week.

Here are the pro's and con's of The Burger Bro's...


1.  It's a very simple menu with less than 10 items total.  There can be a such thing as too many options.  It is refreshing to have such a simple menu.

2.  It's very affordable.  Single burgers are only $4 and double burgers are just $6.

3.  The burgers and the fries are stupid delicious.  I feel like its one or the other at most places.  The places with really good burgers have disappointing fries and visa versa.  Not the case here.

4.  The staff is super friendly.


1.  This isn't a place you can sit down and enjoy your food.  This is more of a take out situation.


Have you tried The Burger Bros?  If so, what did you think?

Click here to find out if your favorite burger joint in Kalamazoo County made the top 5 list.

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