Can’t get enough of Bigfoot, Dogman, alien space creatures, monsters, and urban legends? Then you may wanna check out this attraction in Mackinaw City: Mystery Town USA.

Mystery Town USA opened in 2017, and not only features the above, but also stuff on Area 51, the lost city of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and black holes.

Other big attractions include the eight-foot-tall Bigfoot and the King Tut room, with plenty of cobwebs, spiders, hieroglyphics and symbolism to make you feel as if you’re in actual ancient tomb.

Of course there are plenty of souvenirs to walk away with…hey, who WOULDN’T want a Bigfoot t-shirt, huh?

Mystery Town USA is located at 200 S. Nicolet Street, Mackinaw City. Check it out when you go north this summer…you just might walk away a believer.




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