What’s the mystery of Mystery Valley?

Mystery Valley is located in Presque Isle County in the 76-acre Karst Preserve and Nature Sanctuary. One of the largest collapse valleys in the Great Lakes region is here, creating a lake that appears and disappears, causing puzzlement among the locals.

The area has numerous earth cracks that you can see along the Earthcrack Trail and Valley Trail. Walking down the Earthcrack you’ll see plenty of natural earth fissures, with one mammoth one that’s a few hundred feet long and fifteen feet deep.

The Valley Trail features fossils of prehistoric marine life, including brachiopods, bryzoa and crinoids that inhabited the area over 400 million years ago.

Whereas most valleys were made by rivers, this one was the result of a collapse of the earth. The land fell into a crevasse full of subterranean chambers. It’s 1½  miles long, 1500 feet wide, and 450 feet deep.

Some feel the water appears and disappears when it drains through a sinkhole, or swallow hole, and disappears by flowing back into Lake Huron. Whirlpools have been known to form when the water drains too quickly.

Whatever the reason for the ‘mystery’ is, it’s a fascinating place to visit if you’ve never done so. Take a look at the photos below!


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