Sad story out of Allegan, as Nate Burrell allegedly took his own life in public Saturday Night.

TMZ broke the news early Sunday afternoon after confirming the shocking story with Nate's sister Chelsey Walker,

Nathan loved his country, loved his family and was a very caring guy. He was just in a bad place. He was very proud of being on '60 Days In,' and he really cherished his time on that show."

Former Marine that served in Iraq, Burrell was most recently working as a Wildlife Officer. TMZ reports that he shot himself in public in downtown Allegan after posting a long suicide note on Facebook.

33-year-old Nate Burrell appeared in season 6 on the the docu-series '60 Days In' that aired on A&E earlier this year.  Burrell, along with 8 other civilians enter the prison system pretending to be criminals to give the audience a rare look at what's really going on behind bars.  The volunteers are locked up for 60 days without staff, inmates or officers knowing that they aren't really criminals.  Below is a Best of Nate compilation that A&E uploaded to YouTube back in August.


Our thoughts go out to Nate's family during this very difficult time.  Suicide doesn't make the pain go away.  It just moves it over to the people you care about.  If you're having suicidal thoughts please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255.

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