Last week during their four-day online convention the National Education Association (NEA) voted to adopt a plan to spend a minimum of $127,600 to push the racist Critical Racial Theory (CRT) on the school children of our nation.

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) is a subsidiary of the NEA.  Does that mean that Michigan K-12 students can soon be taught that white people are racist just because of the color of their skin?  Michigan parents you should keep your eyes and ears open on what your children’s school will be teaching them and stand up for your children if they start teaching them this racist rhetoric.

According to the Freedom Foundation: “more than 5,000 teachers (including in Michigan) have already signed this pledge promising to continue to teach critical race theory and social justice lessons against state law”.

The Daily Caller reported that the “Arizona Department of Education has created an “equity toolkit” that includes an infographic that shows how racism develops in children as young as three months old, and recommended readings that suggest that white people are “ignorant, color-blind, and racist”.

According to reporting by Epoch the NEA plan will:

“share and publicize information about “what CRT is and what it is not,” dedicate a “team of staffers” to assist union members who “want to learn more and fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric,” and provide a study that critiques “power and oppression” in American society, including “white supremacy,” “cisheteropatriarchy,” and capitalism.

They even made up a new word “cisheteropatriarchy”.  What is their definition of  cisheteropatriarchy?  It is:

“A socio-political system where (primarily) cisgender males and heterosexuals have authority over cisgender females and over other sexual orientations and gender identities.”

For those who do not know the definition of cisgender, it is humans who:

“Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth”

Now you know the definitions of some of the left’s new words.

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