The overwhelming amount of charity that we've seen since the Coronavirus has shut our country down, seems to give you a little hope for the future. Most recently I talked about how many people were donating their bottles and cans to various causes and high school students, and also to charities as well. Now, one of West Michigan's diaper banks is doing there part to help out parents this weekend.

Nestlings Diaper Band at 650 Riley St l,  in Holland, MI will be giving away free swim diapers for the next two weekends for anyone in need. The event takes place from 9 a.m.. to noon the next two Saturdays of June 6th and June 13th. According to Nesting Facebook page, the organizers will have small, medium and large sized diapers available and will allow people to park, get in line and receive up to three packages per vehicle, while they have diapers in stock. No money is required, but monetary or diaper donations are always appreciated.

Nestling has always prided themselves on helping the community, and as the first diaper bank in West Michigan, they are continuing to make a difference, as their website describes:

Diapers are a basic health necessity for babies but are not provided by government assistance programs, which is why diaper banks are so crucial to their community. Diaper banks exist throughout the country and successfully serve their local communities but Nestlings is the first diaper bank in West Michigan. Nestlings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the ongoing need for diapers and designed to be a centralized source for collecting, storing, and distributing diapers.

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