I knew that when Buddy's Pizza announced that they would be opening their first location in Southwest Michigan that it was gonna be great, but now they're even cooler for what they did with funds they've made with their grand opening. They donated more than $10,000 to fight homelessness in our community, giving all of its grand opening earnings of $10,689, to Housing Resource Inc., according to MLive.

HRI Director of Community Outreach Galyn Barnum was overwhelmed with the donation, saying:

The donation Buddy’s Pizza has given us will help so many families throughout Portage and Kalamazoo,” HRI Director of Community Outreach Galyn Barnum said. “This partnership signifies Buddy’s commitment to their restaurant communities. The donation will help us proving more critical housing solutions to families in need of affordable housing


Now one may ask,"how much do people really like Buddy's Pizza?" Many ponder if Detroit style pizza has any room over here in Kalamazoo with all the great pizza places we have. I say, the more the marry-er. I never discriminate when it comes to pizza. But it is a new concept, the Detroit style, over here. One that this side of the state isn't accustomed to. But let me show you a video at just how wild people on the east side of the state are for Buddy's. This was at my old job in Southfield. This should give you an idea.

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