Like a comet that only comes around every so often and is only visible to some, New Holland Brewing's Dragon's Milk Triple Mash Stout is back this Saturday, April 27th, and only in Michigan.

This beer was last released in 2017. It packs a wallop.

"Aged for one year in New Holland Spirits oak bourbon barrels, Triple Mash clocks in at a beastly 17 percent ABV. But this beast’s bite is nothing to fear—the beer offers an intense malt character paired with warm, toasted flavor notes from its time in the wood." - New Holland Brewing release

And it's not cheap. A four-pack will set you back approximately $24.99.

New Holland Brewing has release parties at both their Grand Rapids and Holland pubs, with doors opening at 10 am. Along with the Triple Mash being on draft, the pubs will be offering a "Flight of the Dragon" sampler that will feature the Triple Mash brew, along with regular Dragon's Milk,  Dragon's Milk White,  and Brewer's Select,  "which was aged in a first-use bourbon barrel and hand-selected from New Holland’s cellar just for this occasion." according to the brewery.

Because Dragon's Milk has big local fan base, New Holland is doing something new this year. “Tour of Legends: Ultimate Dragon’s Milk Experience.” The first tour is actually a day before the release on Saturday, at The Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids on Friday (April 26) and then two sessions on Saturday at the "production campus" in Holland. Tickets are $75. They are available at Dragon's




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