This year has been an absolute headache. Back in March when I had to Renew my tabs I went to two different Secretary of Stats offices before realizing I had to go to Meijer on the other side of the city to renew my tabs. But I feel even worse for anyone who's had to renew their license or purchase a car. I've heard of some people having to wait 3 months to get in because everything is by appointment only. Recently there's been discussion about getting rid of tags in Michigan, and it looks like those plans have been set into motion.

Republican State Rep. Mike Maddock of Milford has proposed House Bill 5250, which would eliminate the 1-inch square stickers that we put on our plates every year. His main reason for this is because he essentially said they're useless, in a release as ABC12 reports:

Every year, hardworking taxpayers are forced to apply for antiquated, tiny stickers to glue to their license plate. The point of these irritating tiny tabs is to show that your license plate is up to date. Yet technology allows police officers to instantly verify whether or not your license plate is current. That tab means nothing to them.

He went on to state that if we want to shorten the wait times at the Secretary of State, "this one step will free up millions of hours wasted standing in the line at your Secretary of State office to get unneeded annual license tabs."

I don't think you're gonna be seeing any complaints if this bill passes.

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