Up until now I wasn't aware of this particular problem.  Seems that hunters and fishermen are being harassed by people who disagree with these 2 activities.  Frankly, I've never seen anything like this in person but, now that it's come to light, I can understand how it could be happening.

In an article on mlive.com, a bill is being introduced in the Michigan House that would protect the hunters and fisherman who are conducting themselves in a legal manner from being recorded by individuals such as activists who are against hunting and fishing.  Apparently, there's already a law that prohibits anyone from obstructing the legal taking of an animal or fish.  The new law would include cell phones and other recording devices and not allow the posting on social media in order to further their cause.  In fact, some organizations have taken their activism a step further by going after individuals and negatively affecting their lives and livelihoods.  Get more information by clicking HERE.




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