There's going to be a ton (oh, don't say ton when talking about Thanksgiving) holiday entertainment events coming up as we approach the coming Thanksgiving and holiday season. The folks at Pringles, a proud Kellogg's company since 2012, have come up with a perfect holiday snack feast. A "Friendsgiving Feast" tray of Thanksgiving flavored Pringles. (Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie).

Any good football fan remembers coach and television personality John Madden's Tur-Duck-En (a chicken cooked inside a duck inside a turkey). Now, you can stack a turkey, duck and chicken flavored Pringle's chip on top of each other, and you have the Turducken chip. (You're welcome)

Timing is important, though. The "Friendsgiving Feast Turducken" tray goes on sale at the Kellogg's store on Thursday (November 7th) at Noon, ET. You'll want to do it fast. Last year, these sold out in 45 minutes. The sell for $16, plus $5 for shipping.

Somebody at Kellogg's/Pringle's has a sense of humor. In the web graphic, it says "tears of joy sold separately."

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