So many things are different this year, and in many cases, you don't realize you miss them until some yayhoo like me points it out to you. August is normally about the time when we get county fairs. The most famous one around these parts is the Allegan County Fair, which, along with all the others, is a casualty of the Covid pandemic.

And the one of the highlights of going to the fair was going to a concert, riding the rides, and (cue the chorus of Angels) fair food.

To haul out a time tested cliche, desperate times call for desperate measures. We don't have easy access to fair food, and retail businesses are hurting for customers, sooooo.

The Crossroads Mall is doing Fair Food. Now through August 16th, the Crossroads is serving up some fair food and it's drive in style!, to accommodate the current situation. Crossroads has concession booths outside Entrance 1, serving fair food favorites from Noon-9pm.

Who couldn't use a little sugar rush after downing one of those deep fried dough things covered in powdered sugar?

I haven't been able to make it over to Portage to check out this gastronomic festival, but I know what I hope to find at any fair.  Corn dogs are a must, slathered, yes, slathered in mustard. You have to have lemon shake ups, too. Something about real lemon juice from actual lemons and real sugar from actual sugars...well, you get the idea.

If you are looking for a taste of normal, this might be a fun little excursion to take.

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