The man accused of going on a random killing spree over the weekend in Kalamazoo did not have a Concealed Pistol License. This comes as no surprise for a couple of reasons. First of all- if the man who is accused of murdering 6 people and injuring two more would have had a CPL, the media, especially anti- gun media would have been reporting that instantly and incessantly from the beginning all in an effort to discredit lawful gun owners.

The second and more important fact you need to know is that people who have a CPL are among the most law abiding citizens to be found anywhere in America. That’s right legal gun owners who take the time to learn the laws, get training and follow the rules. They  take the responsibility of carrying a gun seriously. Very seriously.

I can only imagine the disappointment in left wing newsrooms all over Michigan when they found out they wouldn’t be able to disparage their colleagues and neighbors who legally and lawfully use their Constitutional rights covered by both the Bill of Rights and the Michigan Constitution, to carry a firearm legally in public.

They of course will ignore for the most part the obvious issues of mental health problems that are being routinely ignored in this country. A problem that began in earnest in the 1950’s when The American Civil Liberties Union attacked the country’s mental health system and began suing California to tear the system down. That began a movement that eliminated more than 90% of the nations mental health facilities and left so many people in grave need with no place to go.

The darkness in Jason Dalton’s heart and the defect in his brain may never be known for sure but the problem lies with the individual and not the laws that allow the best among us to be trusted with great responsibilities, including carrying a concealed weapon.