There’s an old 1929 house in Novi that has been used as a restaurant over the years. The restaurant known as Shiro’s (near the corner of 9 Mile and Novi Road) was an elegant mansion built by Charles Rogers in 1929.

Rogers was a rich man, thanks to the fortune he amassed from inventing canned milk.

Rogers was anticipating the wedding of his daughter and was eager to have the ceremony in his mansion. He and his wife spent a lot of time and money decorating the place in preparation for the event…but it wasn’t to happen. The night before the scheduled wedding, Charles’ daughter and her fiance’ ran away and eloped.

Heartbroken, it was soon afterward that Charles had a heart attack and died…..some feel he died of a broken heart. Now it is believed that Charles and his wife haunt their former home.

Charles' apparition has been seen hanging around a twelve-foot oak banister by the front doorway stairwell. Employees have heard strange noises coming from the bathroom and dining rooms. Charles’ ghost is known for moving plates, glasses, silverware, and other dining & kitchen utensils. Many have seen his entity and attempted to speak to him…..he won’t return any dialogue, but in response, he disappears into thin air.

The attic is another story…nobody ventures there, thank to odd lights and other paranormal sightings.

Shiro’s address is 43180 W. 9 Mile Road, and they’re still in business, ghosts or not. So now you can pay a visit and ask them about the ghosts yourself. If you’re REAL nice, maybe they’ll let you peek into the attic…

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