What is it with Democrat’s in politically appointed positions and illegally deleting emails?

First it was Hillary Clinton deleting U.S. government classified emails off her private server, a server that even the Democrat FBI Director said had less security than anyone’s Gmail account.

Now the Detroit News is reporting that after a six month investigation by Detroit's Office of Inspector General they found that Democrat Mayor Mike Duggan’s top aides directed staff to delete all emails concerning Mayor Duggan’s controversial support of a preterm birth program.

Detroit's Office of Inspector General found the Democrat Mayor Duggan did give nonprofit Make Your Date favor and they recommended three of his Detroit employees, including his chief of staff face discipline for directing workers in the city's grants office to delete emails.

Democrat Mayor Duggan said that his staff deleting emails that could incriminate him and them was:

a mistake out of the best of motives

Sure it was, I am sure if it was a Republican Mayor or President and their staff the left and their media would be giving them a pass also.

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