Thanks to the global pandemic it's been a rough couple years-- to say the least! Since early 2020 it seems like every day you hear of some new supply chain shortage: first it was disinfecting wipes, then it was yeast, and let's not forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage.

Everything from microchips to potatoes have been affected by supply chain issues, but none seemed to hit harder than chicken wings. However, it looks like we've finally received a bit of good news!

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Just in time for fall football season NBC News is reporting that the chicken wing shortage is officially over! Not only are chicken wings readily available again, but they're actually cheaper than pre-pandemic prices. Reports NBC News:

The Department of Agriculture's price index for chicken wings is now at levels not seen since 2018, with the average wholesale price of a pound of wings falling to about $1.68 in July, and trending even lower for August.

Finally, the news we needed to hear! We deserve this. Now that the wings are back on restaurant menus here are some favorite local spots to get your wing fix:

Texas Corners Brewing Co.

House in a former church, the brewery offers house-smoked wings served with a traditional side of celery sticks and your choice of sauce. Choose from BBQ, hot, or sweet chili. Says Reddit user u/Kzoo_Dude1,

Texas Corners Brewing - they are smoked - then fried. Best wings ever. Always consistent and amazing.


Located near the WMU campus, this tavern is a favorite old school dive bar. In addition to your typical burgers, grinders, and pizza, Waldo's offers their famous wings with BBQ, buffalo, or Waldo's Original sauce. On Reddit, u/twaldofs says,

Waldo's mixed grill wings are, in my humble opinion, the best in town. They are deep fried then grilled. Awesome texture and the mixed grill sauce is house made and delicious.

CJ's Pub

If you're looking for variety, CJ's has got it! CJ's offers 13 different flavors of wings like bourbon, spicy garlic butter, sweet chili, and their infamous "dare ya" if you're feeling adventurous. Of CJ's wings u/madds88 says,

Cjs pub and long lake tavern down in portage have really good wings they have a housemade brine they soak the wings in nobody ever mentions them cuz it's a hole in the wall but the foods really good.

Who's got your favorite wings in Kzoo?

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