Interesting that we just spoke about what some call “unjust laws” and that it is ok to break them and expect no consequences on my program yesterday.

The LA Times is reporting on a group of nudist which have been prevented from renting out the Huntington Beach CA. City Pool to hold an event, an event they have held for the last eight years at the Pool.  The group feels they are being discriminated against.

A group being discriminated against in California, how interesting.

A new regulation was passed which prohibits nudity at any city recreation facility, they are concerned about their employees’ “ability to perform their jobs”.

What changed from the last eight years?

Could they not simply not require an employee to work the event if they feel uncomfortable about it?  If they end up with not enough employees to adequately work the event then not allow it.

  1. Allen Baylis, an attorney and Naturists member was quoted in the article saying:

"We've been doing this for eight years, we come in and cover the windows so people can swim, play volleyball, basketball or do whatever activities are available."

He went on to say:

"It would be unfortunate to let all our members and followers know that we, as respectful and law-abiding naturists, are now being singled out and are no longer welcome in the city.”

Do you feel they are being discriminated against?

What about this “unjust law” thought that is ok to break what some may feel is an “unjust law” and feeling that no consequences should occur.

What if the nudist were to break what they feel is an “unjust” regulation, should there be consequences?

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