Well this may be a consequence of the Un-Affordable Care Act.   Nurses will become more like doctors, just not paid the same.

The Detroit News is reporting that new legislation was approved today in the State Senate Health Policy Committee.  This new legislation would expand the role of nurse practitioners in your healthcare.

If this legislation is passed and signed by Gov. Snyder, advanced practice nurses, also know as nurse practitioners, would be allowed to write schedule 2 (narcotics) drug prescriptions for patients. The legislation would require physician oversight for the nurse’s first five years of practice, and to prescribe any Schedule 2 or Schedule 3 medications.

Some physicians apparently oppose this legislation according to the article because it would give authority to nurses which they believe should be restricted to doctors with higher levels of education and training.

One of the reasons for this new legislation is to increase access to medical care for residents who live in regions with too few doctors.

Good or bad idea?

What are your thoughts?

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