I have been predicting for a very long time that Barack Obama would eventually give Guantanamo Bay back to the Castro’s, the Dictators of Cuba, as a wedding gift. The push to give the priceless US military base away for nothing in return is picking up speed.

The problem is, it isn’t Obama’s to give. In fact I would argue that such a reckless move would be nothing short of treason.

If Cuba takes control of Guantanamo Bay, the Russians, Iranians and Syrians among others would soon be on the way to set up shop just 90 miles south of Florida. There is no sane justification by any American President to make such a dangerous move except to enhance the belief that this President aims to diminish this nation as much as possible before leaving town.

I not only believe Obama is looking treason straight in the eye and he intends to do it anyway, I believe it will be the last straw that breaks the GOP camels back. I mean for the love of God it had better be. For if Republicans do not stand up and put an immediate stop to such lawless, treasoness behavior, then they too should be lined up in front of the firing squad as We The People begin the work of rebuilding the Republic.

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