It’s funny in a sick-to-my-stomach kind of way to think back now and remember how Barack Obama dismissed the Islamic State and its network of blood-thirsty Jihadist killers as the Junior Varsity. He implied that those murderers were not to be taken seriously and they would soon be a thing of the past.

He then said later that the Islamic State was ‘contained’.

Immediately following those comments of course came the bloody attacks on Paris with 500 maimed and murdered by IS. A city hammered by the Daesh that our President, the leader of the free world did not take seriously. President Obama was the only world leader not to show up in Paris. He of course had more importantly things to do, like golf.

Now come the attacks in Brussels and another 300 maimed and murdered. The President could not be bothered to leave a baseball game with Raul Castro in Cuba where he enjoyed the day and the did the wave. As we were finding out that Americans had died in Belgium, it didn’t matter. Obama danced the night away doing the Tango in Buenos Aires.

It seems to me, Islamic State or Daesh is not the JV player in this whole bloody mess but rather the guy who is allegedly in charge.