Michigan has some pretty unique history, but there are a lot of towns, villages and cities that have some interesting names and I've always been curious where they came from. If you zoom in close on a map of Michigan on your computer, you'll start to see names pop up that will make you laugh. How about the town of Climax? Gold. Of course everyone knows about Hell. Even Kalamazoo is kind of a funny name. But it's those little gems that you wouldn't even know you drove through with the unique names that I love.

You have to give it up for some of the funniest named towns in Michigan, like Podunk, Jugville, & Dowagiac. Also, some of the naughtiest named towns in the state, like Climax. Dick, & Sac Bay. It's quite clear we have our minds in the gutter sometimes. Some of the names from those lists were odd enough to make this new list, but some of these I guarantee you've never heard of before.

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Some of The Oddest Michigan Towns & Village Names

The Naughtiest Named Towns in Michigan

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