A father followed through on his threat to shoot his son if didn't stop playing guitar Sunday.

Parenting 101: If you frequently threaten punishment without following through, your child will never take you seriously.  That statement is simple and effective.  However, when the father is 79-years-old and the son is 50-years-old, I'm not sure that applies here.  Oh yeah, there's the fact that the threat was to shoot his son.  Again, that doesn't really fall within the proper parenting parameters.

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Sunday evening police and medics arrived at a home in Blue Ash, Ohio around 5 P.M.  They were responding to an accidental shooting call.  However, the police quickly learned the accidental shooting happened soon after the 79-year-old father threatened to shoot his adult son.  The father explained to the police that his son had been playing guitar for over an hour.  He told his son that if he didn't stop, he would shoot him.  Apparently, the suspect attempted to shoot the guitar but ended up shooting his son in the stomach.

It's unlikely that the father will be home for Thanksgiving has he has been booked for assault according to Fox 19,

Hensley Sr. went to the hospital before being booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center around 10:30 p.m. Sunday for felonious assault. His bond is $60,000.

You may be wondering why the suspect was taken to the hospital before being locked up in the county pen.  Immediately after the shooting, the victim jumped up and began punching his father in the face.  He got him pretty good too.  The son has no memory of punching his father after the shooting.

The victim is recovering from his gunshot wound to the ribcage.  There is no word on his current condition.

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