Three adults chase teen suspects then force them into their trunk at gun point for a drive to the police department.

File this one under "only in Ohio."  This story is stranger than fiction.  We have two 14-year old boys who allegedly stole a car, adults chasing them and allegedly firing a gun at the teens follow by a car crash and a ride in the trunk to the police.  According to,

One of the teens told police that men inside a red truck and a black Nissan got out of the car and brandished a handgun, telling the boys "You stole the wrong car motherf******, get the f*** out of the car," before firing several shots at the car, according to the report.

Clearly, in this situation calling the police and maybe following the suspects at a safe distance would have been a far better choice.  Now the three adults involved in the chase are facing assault and kidnapping charges.

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