This one comes up occasionally and there are a few sites that list this as one of those "old crazy laws" in Michigan. The website Michigan Houses Online, and several others, list Kalamazoo as having a law that states "It is against the law to serenade your girlfriend." However, if you go to the website that lists all the current laws in Kalamazoo, and search "serenade", it doesn't come up with any search results.

This would lead you to think that perhaps it's just an old urban legend that somehow kept getting passed down as truth over the years. Or perhaps there was some undocumented incident that occurred way back when where a young man angered the father of a young woman by swinging sweet songs for his desired lady a little too loud or too late at night. Perhaps it happened too often and police were summoned and the young man was issued a citation. So then a rumor circulated that it was illegal to serenade your girlfriend at all, even though it was technically just that one incident.

So what's a young man supposed to do in Kalamazoo? These days, a sweet song for your girlfriend would probably be sent through social media anyways instead of out on the front lawn below a bedroom window. But, think about this... wouldn't that technically be illegal too then?

Maybe there is a Kalamazoo historian or legal expert in old laws that can clarify this for us? Let us know in the Facebook comments if you have any information about this.


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