Now I am concerned, I love coffee and if my coffee will cease to exist because of man-made global warming I might have to reconsider my stance on man-made global warming.

Many of my listeners know I am still waiting for concrete scientific evidence, at least concrete scientific evidence that has not been disproven or show to be incorrect, that global warming is actually happening and it is man-made.

By the way can anyone help me understand how some scientist know what the exact perfect temperature of the earth should be?  There are only a couple of hundred years of data collected on the temperature of the earth, an earth that is believed to be scientifically 4 and ½ billion years old.

But let us not worry about little facts like the amount of data we should consider when attempting to determine what the best temperature the earth should have.

There was a study published recently in states that global barley production could drop as much as 17% on average under a “business as usual” scenario.  This new study did what it was intended to do and that was create a wave of media coverage warning of an impending beer shortage.

The study’s authors admitted that they are warning about the impact global warming will have on beer production was in fact to get the lemmings in the Main Stream Manipulative News to write horror stories about global warming.

The global warming alarmists were not done there they then pointed to A recent University of Michigan study to claim that “sugar maples would eventually disappear from Michigan’s Lower Peninsula” due to global warming, that will cause a decline in maple syrup.

I was not so worried about beer because I do not drink alcohol, and maple syrup, never really a fan.  Then the alarmist went for the 1, 2, 3 punch and Time declared coffee was “in danger,” citing the 2017 study’s high-end estimate based on RCP8.5. Newsweek cited the study in an article claiming global warming “could mean the end of coffee beans.”

I love coffee and would be pretty upset if all the coffee beans in the world were destroyed.

Hmmmm, should I change my thought on global warming and believe these alarmist who have been completely wrong on every prediction they ever made in the past or stay the course in my thoughts on global warming?

I will have to rest on this one then have a couple cups of coffee, over and over again.

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