Put your partisanship aside for a second. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for tonight's game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. My team, the Chicago Blackhawks, are on the cusp of winning their third Stanley Cup in six years. And right now, I'm going through all the emotions.

2015 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
Photo: Scott Iskowitz; Getty Images Sport

There is nothing like when the team you have cheered for forever finally wins a championship. My family and I celebrated that in 2010. That was the Hawks first Cup since 1961, so pretty much everyone in the family wasn't even born yet. In 2013, I was with my mom and her twin, my aunt, in Florida. They are not fans. They kind of looked at me when I was going bonkers in their living room (That was the game where the Hawks scored two goals in 17 seconds, with just a minute left, to win the Cup). Tonight, the story is a chance to win in front of the home fans, something that hasn't happened in 77 years. Winning on the road is fine, but the crowd is pretty much hostile. Winning at home, and the only person getting booed is the commissioner passing out the hardware.

One of my favorite memories is 1997, when the Detroit Red Wings won their first Cup of three (1997-1998-2002). It had been a long, tough drought for the Wings, and here they were ready hoist the Cup. I was at a gathering with a bunch of KFR staff and their friends in Portage. Kidd O'Shea was our morning guy and grew up in Detroit. He understood. When the game was finally over, here were all these grown men in their 20's and 30's with tears in the eyes. "Finally!"

The flip side of that is 2009. Game 7. Pittsburgh stuns the Red Wings. We were watching the game at Wayside. What a weird vibe after that game. I don't think people knew exactly what hit them.

The sport doesn't matter. Magic is magic. Appreciate it. Cherish it. It doesn't happen very often.

And the next time you see me, ask me about my sports TV watching superstitions. I'll be glad to tell you it was the way I changed channels that got Michael Jordan six rings. Just sayin'.

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