Update: It seems that Gage Cannabis Co., who also owns Cookies in Kalamazoo, has posted signage on the building, and will be bringing another dispensary to Kalamazoo.


This is a time of growth and development in Kalamazoo and we are starting to see lots of new businesses opening. We’re also seeing a lot of construction and new buildings being built, some of which on grounds where old structures once were. Before the pandemic, there was a Phillips 66 gas station eastbound on Stadium Drive which looked to be a little dated, but still saw regular customers. Nobody is sure why, but they ended up shutting down in 2019 which led to a question mark, as to if the gas station would be bought by someone else.

Those hopes, if any, were dashed when the Orion Construction Company started tearing down not only the gas station, but houses and trees behind where the gas station once stood, making way for a much larger plot of land to be open.
Now as construction and removal of the old property has finished, all that is left is a flat empty land with fencing surrounding the area and people wondering just what is going up.
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Orion Projects In Kalamazoo

After checking Orion Construction Company's website I was unable to find any information as to what will be going on in that area. Orion has actually done a lot of construction in Kalamazoo already, having built the Chemical Bank and The Exchange building on W. Michigan Ave.
I imagine that once something starts to get built on the site they’ll update their website with more information. What do you think will be getting built? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll keep the community updated as more info is released.

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