Big props go out to the Oshtemo Fire Department after a story came in recently to a report that ducklings had fallen into a storm drain and were trapped. Reh Starks-Harling was walking her daughter to daycare when she noticed a mama duck circling the storm drain, which is when she went in to investigate. Other kids started to come around the drain as they realized there were baby ducks in trouble.

When I walked Dani to daycare, I noticed a mama duck circling a storm drain and was worried there might be babies inside, but I couldn’t hear them. Melea sweet talked the mama duck into letting Melea inspect the storm drain. Sure enough - there were ducklings trapped inside. Adam came in strong with the net and pole to assist with fishing the ducks out of the drain. And Nick (wish I could tag him) used his Animal Control skills to keep mama duck near her remaining ducklings so she could call them home.
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How Did They get The Ducks Out?

The long video only shows five ducks rescued, because they said they needed to get the kids inside so mama duck would call the others. There’s a short video that shows the last duck being placed with mama, and Oshtemo's finest taking a sigh of relief.
So awesome that we have people in this community who look out not only for the well being of other but for our wildlife as well. Hats off to these gentleman for being the heroes of the week.

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