Listen, I love yogurt as much as the next girl-- maybe even more! For me, a well balanced breakfast includes a side of the creamy cultured concoction. I never really thought much about it until I learned yogurt has a rich history here in Michigan.

According to a recent social media post by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD), General Mills' Yoplait factory in Reed City, Michigan receives nearly 1 million pounds of milk per day

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Origin of Yoplait

According to the company's website, Yoplait was first introduced in France in 1965 when six independent dairy co-ops decided to come together and start selling their fromage frais themselves. It's smooth and creamy texture made it an instant hit with moms and children alike, so the company decided to go international.

Michigan Cottage Cheese Co.

Had it not been for William Bennet, CEO of the Michigan Cottage Cheese Co. in Reed City, the United States would not have been introduced to Yoplait yogurt! The company acquired the Yoplait licensing rights in 1974 and began producing the dairy product the following year.

The product became such a hit that Bennet and his team could barely keep up with demand! In 1977 General Mills stepped in and signed a franchise agreement to acquire the Michigan Cottage Cheese Co. and continue to market Yoplait throughout the United States.

Yoplait Today

Today the Michigan factory is the largest Yoplait manufacturer in the world. Earlier this year Governor Whitmer toured the Reed City Yoplait plant to honor and thank them for years of dedication and service to the State of Michigan. Of the visit MDARD Director Gary McDowell said,

Throughout Michigan, we continue to see businesses invest in our thriving food and agriculture industry...he Yoplait production facility in Reed City is at the forefront of agricultural innovation by taking steps towards improving the stability of dairy farms through techniques like regenerative farming practices.

Next time you're enjoying your Yoplait yogurt, think of Pure Michigan!

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