Do you have plans to travel over the river and through the woods this Christmas to get to grandma's house? If so, you'd better prepare for some possible traffic backups along the way and get ready to share the road with lots of other "one horse open sleighs."

According to AAA, more than 3.6 million drivers in Michigan are expected to travel for the holidays this year. AAA says that's the most drivers EVER in Michigan traveling during the holidays--and they've been keeping track of the numbers since 2000. It's also a 3.9% increase of holiday drivers in Michigan compared to last year. And those aren't the only increase in numbers. AAA says that there will be a 3.8% increase in people flying this holiday and travel by train, bus or cruise ship is also expected to increase 3% this holiday season.

Nationwide, AAA says that more Americans than ever on record, an astounding 115.6 million people, will be traveling this holiday season.

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