What started as posts to alert citizens about sightings of foxes recently in the city of Parchment has quickly evolved into some all-out internet hilarity, while also aiming to calm fears and follow the movement of the foxes so people can keep their pets safe while they are around. It's honestly been an interesting phenomenon of web content. In the Facebook group We Are Parchment, these foxes are winning the internet and having their fifteen minutes of fame in the small Kalamazoo County community.

It has even spun off another Facebook group called What Was The Fox's Name? which includes a poll and some memes. Admin Amanda Katherine is inviting people for the city to "have fun with our new furry neighborhood friend. And please share pictures!" City Hall even got in on the fun...

Courtesy Kara Smith
Courtesy Kara Smith

The invasion of foxes in Parchment was first reported earlier this month. On May 12th, a group member made a simple post to alert neighbors:

Saw a family of fox tonight on Orient Street.

In the comments, someone said:

What did it say?

Well played. The next couple of posts were more alarming, the first on May 18th:

05.18.19 5:00pm
Adult fox seen at Orient and Parchmount with a kitten in its mouth. If you live in the area, you may want to keep your cats indoors.

And then on May 21st, we were informed:

Fox seen carrying something dead in Spring Valley and then at Central Elementary

Bad foxes. But on May 22nd, things took a more happy turn:

I finally got to see the little fox this morning!! She’s a cutie for sure.

Later that day:

My husband saw this one on Orient last evening and thought it was a dog at first. We also had a couple on the side of our garage last night on Spartan Dr. they weren’t frightened by us at all as we put our garbages back.

Some aren't so lucky...

DARN IT! Everyone's getting to see the cool foxes but me! whine...whine...


BAH! Even my wife and the kids saw the fox


But this is when some people decided to really go foxing crazy about it. The spin-off group was formed with some great name suggestions

Name the Fox Swiper, after the fox on Dora the Explorer! Lol


Tod..from fox and the hound


Keep feeding your cats to that fox! She prefers bite sized kittens.  Eat up Foxy Roxy.


Name him Redd!!! Like Red Fox, DURRRR
Some even decided to throw some Parchment history into the mix:
Jake the Fox, after Parchment’s founder, Jacob Kindleberger, aka “Uncle Jake.”
And finally, some innocent trolling. Two guys decided to take it further and declared the animal the "50 Yard Fox" and are "warning" everyone about their findings:
It looks like a dang fox from 50 yards away but then when you get closer it’s just a not good looking lady  - Jeremy Angeletti
Jeremy Angeletti what?! You clearly hate Parchment! - Collin Moeller
This is just scratching the surface of the viral fox activity in these groups. How long will the fox craze in Parchment will continue? I guess it truly depends on what the fox says...
But as funny as some of it is, people should be careful if foxes are spotted and definitely make sure to protect their pets by keeping them indoors or monitored closely if they are taken outside.

Parchment Foxes - May 2019






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