UPDATE- Mon 1/13/2020 12:30 pm

The report of a robbery at the Maratgon gas station in Parchment appears to have been false information. There was an incident, but it was not a robbery.

Meanwhile, a couple schools in Parchment went into a "safe mode" for a time this morning. Parchment Middle School and Barclay Hills utilized precautionary measures for about 45 minutes under the advisement of police due to what is described as a non-violent subject who fled a traffic stop. Some parents are saying that exterior doors were locked, students were kept in classrooms while the premises were being monitored and that students were not in danger.

There is still no official report on whether or not the suspect has been located or arrested.


Parchment residents say there are numerous police vehicles around the city as it is believed officers have been trying to track down a suspect. One person reported that a K-9 unit was being used as a male suspect was seen running through people's yards. Several reports from people in the area who talked to police indicate the man is wearing only socks and underwear.

There is no official release from authorities at this time, but there are unconfirmed reports that an individual was robbed of his wallet, phone and shoes at the Marathon gas station on Riverview Dr. earlier in the morning. Another resident said an officer told them that a suspect had run from a traffic stop. There is no word on if the two alleged incidents are connected. No suspect description is immediately available.

Among areas where police vehicles have been seen are Mt. Olivet & Glendale, Mt. Olivet & Alpine St., and Random Rd in Kalamazoo Township, just outside the city. The Barclay Hills area including VirginiaAve. and Mosel Ave. also was said to have officers in the area on the south side of Parchment.

Although there are concerns about the timing as children were headed to school to start the week, no reports of any school lock downs have come in and there is no indication that the alleged suspect is armed. It is not clear if the schools are aware of the incident or if this situation even warrants a lock down.

We will keep you posted on any developments with the story.

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