The city of Parchment is hoping to make a permanent switch to Kalamazoo city water. According to FOX 17, officials in Parchment voted to move negotiations forward with the city of Kalamazoo for a long-term contract to use their water, which they are currently using on a temporary basis. It stems from PFAS contamination in Parchment's water supply earlier this year which resulted in residents in the city and parts of Cooper Township to use bottled water while the municipal water system was flushed out and then connected to Kalamazoo's water.

With the current deal, Parchment is a wholesale customer of Kalamazoo which means that they buy their water in bulk. If Parchment switches to becoming a retail customer, it’ll give Kalamazoo more control over their water system. The change could also mean lower water bills for residents. When the emergency switch to Kalamazoo water from Parchment's system happened, it was widely assumed that the city would never go back to their municipal system and that a permanent change was imminent.

Parchment city leaders are planning to hold meetings with Kalamazoo officials to work on negotiating a long-term water contract.



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