Do you think the parents of children who bully other children should face financial penalties and jail time?

Well a town in northern New York does.

The New York Daily news is reporting on a new law in North Tonawanda New York that just approved a new law which would do exactly that.

The parents of these bullies could face a financial penalty of $250 as well as being sentenced to up to 15 days in jail if convicted.  These penalties would kick in if their child breaks the city’s curfew or any other city law including bullying.

Do you believe this would stop or decrease the incidences of bullying or the other crimes mentioned?

I believe it may have some affect but some children are just incorrigible no matter what their parents do.  If that is true then is it the fault of the parent and should they then pay either financially or by going to prison or both?

What if they were to state that the parents must take certain actions to correct their child’s behavior and if they take those actions then they cannot be charged, if they do not then should they then be charged?

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