Last Friday Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi was asked if she would consider overturning a state-certified election and she said:

“Of course! Of course!"

Does this mean she is willing to:

  • review the over 1000 sworn affidavits concerning election fraud over several states
  • the approximately 300,000 plus filled out ballots that we were told were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania
  • the several pieces of luggage’s with ballots in them that were hidden under a table in Fulton County Georgia and then pulled out after everyone was told to leave
  • or the voting machines reported by good sources to have been connected to the internet and the blocking of windows so no one could observe the vote at the TCF Center in Detroit
  • and so on and so on and so on

All of the above occurred or alleged to have occurred under sworn testimony during last November’s election.

Of course not! Of course not!

She is considering overturning a certified election in which a Republican beat a Democrat for a congressional seat by 6 votes.

Fox News is reporting that the Speaker of the House Mrs. Pelosi is considering overturning the state-certified victory of Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, R-Iowa who beat her challenger Democrat Rita Hart by 6 votes.  This is an interesting case for those who think their vote does not really matter.

Ms. Meeks won by 6 votes in a race that reportedly had approximately 400,000 total votes. The votes were counted and recounted by the state and the state determined that Ms. Meeks won by 6 votes so the state of Iowa went ahead and certified the election and she was sworn in on January 3rd.

However, a campaign spokesman from Ms. Hart’s team said in a statement last Wednesday:

"At least twenty-two Iowans’ legally-cast ballots still have not been counted due to a string of errors. We are glad to see the House Committee on Administration taking the next step towards ensuring that every legally-cast vote is counted in this race and that all Iowans’ voices are heard”

Sounds quite a bit like many Republican supporters were saying after the election and they were told to go pound sand.

During an appearance yesterday on the ABC “news” variety show “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos interviewed Mrs. Pelosi and asked, "why investigate an election that was certified by the state?” Mrs. Pelosi stated:

"Well, it was six votes. It was six votes and our candidate Rita Hart, the Democratic candidate, asked for this process to begin,”

Really, it is as simple as that.  Okay, please open that barn door up as wide as possible and let’s start overthrowing the “will of the people” as the Democrats kept telling Republican voters concerning the Presidential and Georgia Senate races.

The Hill News site reported that “the House Administration Committee voted by a 6-3 margin to table Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks’s motion to dismiss an effort by Democrat Rita Hart to press the panel to consider the results in the 2020 race in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District”.   Now that very same panel will begin to look into the complaints by Democrat challenger Ms. Hart and whether they would recommend Ms. Meeks be thrown out of her seat and replace her with their own candidate that lost the race.

How precious.

Can we all say together Supreme Hypocrites? All right here we go one, two, three.............. SUPREME HYPOCRITES!

Thank you.

So Nancy and the entire Democratic Party, are you now in favor of investigating election fraud, shenanigans and ballot problems in consideration of overturning a state-certified election.  Because if you are there are approximately 74 million Republicans who have one in mind.

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