I know the price of meat has climbed higher due to inflation, but are people really stealing it out of grocery stores? I guess so because Meijer seems to be putting security tags on, at least, some of theirs so you're likely to set off an alarm if you try to walk out of their stores with some food stuffed in your pants!

In an article on Reddit, there was this photo of a whole brisket with a security tag on it!

reddit Grand Rapids/Posted byu/ct_smoker
reddit Grand Rapids/Posted byu/ct_smoker

I'm trying to picture someone trying to stuff this in their pants! Well, anything's possible!

It really is a sad sign of the times. Forbes says that food theft, shoplifting, from grocery stores is at an all time high, more that $35 Million Dollars each day. That's right, $35 Mil each day, across the country, walks out the door unpaid for!

As the Forbes article goes on to say:

 “There’s an acceptable level of dishonesty in society,” says Barbara Staib of the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. “It’s okay to steal, but just not too much. Most shoppers think it’s okay to eat grapes. They think it’s a free sample. But do you see a sign saying you can eat grapes? No. It’s stealing.”

I'm not clear if Meijer has placed security tags on more than their briskets, but maybe it's not a bad idea. It would be a lot easier to walk out with a package of hot dogs than a whole brisket.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. The old joke, "is that a hot dog.....blah blah blah, or are you just glad to see me! Come on, stop it!

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