Post Balloon Club President Tyler Jaques could not have wished for a better Michigan spring weekend to reminisce and start thinking ahead during a gathering of friends and colleagues at their lake property in East Leroy. The nearly 70 members of the club along with their families, friends and special guests took flights, camped out, shared memories and start planning what the future holds for their fleet of balloons and the club going forward. The non-profit organization especially wanted to show their appreciation for the volunteers who not only helped get the club off the ground 33 years ago, but continue to help it thrive today.

Here is my interview with Tyler and his daughter Brittney:

My wife, 95.3 WBCK's Lacy James, and I were invited to take part in the first flight of the event with the pilot of the Hot Air Balloon team Finally Flying. Chad Crabtree helped us check off a major goal on our marriage bucket list and we took flight Friday evening.

Finally Flying balloon team
Finally Flying balloon team- (Photos by 95.3 WBCK's Lacy James)

It just so happened that our flight turned out to be unique as the balloon took off and landed virtually in the same spot. It's called "the box" when the winds are just right to take you basically in a circle during the flight. It is very rare, especially in Michigan. All the other pilots were raving about the feat. Perhaps it was yet another sign from the heavens that this was meant to be a special weekend for the group.

Here is my in-flight interview with Finally Flying team pilot Chad Crabtree:

On behalf of 95.3 WBCK, Lacy and I would personally like to thank Tyler Jaques, Starr Older, Chad Crabtree and all of the members we met for their hospitality and warm welcome as we spent time with these amazing people. Here's to another 33 years and beyond! We will be following up with all of you and wish the Post Balloon Club nothing but success in your next chapter as a club.

Post Balloon Club
Post Balloon Club- Group photo (Courtesy of Starr Older)

It's quite possible we have found a new hobby. It may be a lofty goal at this time, but perhaps someday we will be flying a 95.3 WBCK balloon as members of the club?

Post Balloon Club Historic Luau Photo Gallery

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind” - Nathanial Hawthorne

Finally Flying Balloon team
Finally Flying Balloon team- (Photos by 95.3 WBCK's Lacy James)

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